Freight & Logistics The PLPL Order & Vendor Management solutions enable our clients to climb higher. We deliver greater supply chain intelligence through our robust suite of origin services, which save our customers time and money through the following functions/activities:

SKU level visibility to orders prior to shipment booking
Proactive vendor engagement on PO progress and shipping windows
Exceptions based approach streamlines customer involvement
Contingency planning and problem resolution earlier in the process
Smarter transportation decisions using required on site dates
Cost effective and scalable to meet your global supply chain needs
Flexible solutions design; dial in to meet your needs (in-source/outsource, systems)
Enables vendor compliance and performance management programs. Enforce key metrics accordingly:

Container utilization

Various charge-backs: Late product or doc penalties, loss of space, expediting premiums, failure to utilize booked containers, etc.

With PLPL Order & Vendor Management services, a client provides their P.O. well in advance (typically via EDI 850), including the P.O. ship window dates. With that, PLPL monitors suppliers’ cargo ready dates to ensure they meet requirements (product ready & ship dates, etc.). We utilize a multi-week countdown series of status checks and reporting (by P.O.), based on the ship window date, to project booking plans. Any supplier delays and/or discrepancies (i.e. overages, shortages, etc.) are proactively reported to customers on an exceptions basis for further action. This saves time & money, especially when we catch potential problems or delays as (or before) they occur and are then able to offer alternatives and solutions that mitigate the damage / downstream effects.

We invite you to leverage our order & vendor management services to gain intelligence in the supply chain. How High Do You Want to Climb? Take your logistics to the next level with PLPL.


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