Freight & Logistics The PLPL Information Integration solutions enable our clients to climb higher. By connecting with our systems our clients gain intelligence that enables:

Automated shipment information (PO & SKU level)
Timely and accurate milestone updates
Convenient with reduced administrative effort
Customized mapping & reporting to meet your needs
Flexible formats (EDI, XML, etc.) to feed your system
Exceptions alerts & management
Improved service to their customers
A robust information suite (Web Tracking, e-docs, Business Intelligence Tools, WMS, Load Optimization, etc.)

The PLPL provides its clients a technology forward service that champions supply chain innovation. Enhanced visibility, exceptions management, data aggregation and systems integration are keys to our approach, along with flexible customization potential (reporting, views, EDI, etc.).

Supply chain intelligence goes beyond systems and for that we look to our people and processes. We bring new ideas and best practices to the table, including insightful score carding and performance reporting (KPIs) on various supply chain stakeholders (vendors, carriers, 3PLs/ourselves, etc.), that can be benchmarked for improvement. Our quarterly business review (QBR) process is critical in facilitating this innovation, where Globe’s senior management team regularly engages the client to bring innovative ideas for process improvement and cost savings.

We invite you to leverage our information integration services to gain intelligence in the supply chain. How High Do You Want to Climb? Take your logistics to the next level with PLPL.


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