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Airfreight offers the fastest, most direct connection between your shipment origin and destination; and your PLPL team of experts will ensure professional management of the entire shipping process. The PLPL has built a comprehensive international Airfreight network that makes sure your products will arrive on time and without error. With access to passenger, freighter, and charter operators our Airfreight network is capable of meeting your requirements. Our preferred Air Carriers Partners program leverages our strategic partnerships with airlines to provide access to whatever capacity you need at rates you can afford and transit times that meet your shipment requirements door-to-door and worldwide.

Key trade lane focus:

Trans Pacific between the U.S. and Asia
Trans Atlantic between the U.S. and Europe
Intercontinental between North and South America
Intercontinental between the Asia and Europe
Intercontinental between UAE and Middle East and Africa

Web based tracking and visibility

The PLPL’s Airfreight services are connected to IRADAR our supply chain management technology, so that you can track your shipment from any internet connection.


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Our customers are served by a Global Logistics Network, worldwide offices staffed by dedicated teams of experts.

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