Freight & Logistics The PLPL Cargo Management solutions enable our clients to climb higher. We deliver greater supply chain performance that enables you to unbundle your transportation carrier costs from origin/destination services. In this way, our cargo management customers:

Are optimizing their supply chains for service while simultaneously reducing costs

Have better visibility and control of your supply chain

Have the ability to select carrier(s) for optimal transportation cost and transit time

Receive aggregated information from all providers / lanes; automation (EDI) potential

Are assured consistent / excellent service on all lanes

Receive dedicated customer service with a single point of contact

By using a cargo manager, shippers can maintain high levels of service on the key parts of the supply chain (origin/destination), while optimizing their port to port transportation spend where the majority of costs are incurred. The key to this strategy is having a robust Cargo Manager in place to consistently provide the following services:

Shipment booking
Purchase order visibility
Shipment visibility & reporting
Documentation Management
Delivery Management
Equipment Management

We invite you to leverage our cargo management services to achieve a higher level of supply chain performance. How High Do You Want to Climb? Take your logistics to the next level with PLPL.


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