Freight & Logistics The PLPL Compliance Management solutions enable our clients to climb higher. Our Customs brokerage service delivers greater control and reduced risk in the supply chain that includes:

Professional handling of your entries by true customs experts
A deep knowledge of your company, your products and your industry
A 100% internal review policy of all customs entries plus other process controls on post entry work, duty discrepancies, etc.
Developing a comprehensive HTS database for your product line for improved accuracy
Single point of contact for improved customer service
A strategic and consultative relationship
Specialized skill sets (FTZ, Duty Drawback, First Sale, etc.)
Keeping you abreast of changing regulatory matters that impact your business
Developing a proactive and positive relationship with customs

When it comes to Customs and regulatory compliance, we see black & white. Given the significant cost of non-compliance, we understand there’s no gray area in your supply chain. Customs and regulatory compliance is not optional, so we take it very seriously. Through our consultative approach we customize compliance solutions that help keep you informed and compliant. Our compliance expertise runs deep, delivering value to our customers and enabling them to focus on their core business.

Our strong commitment to compliance, both internally and externally, transcends our organization and every employee subscribes to it. Education is a central tenet of our program, part of our unique approach. Our corporate head of compliance leads a team of licensed customs brokers and support personnel throughout our network, assuring accountability, control and best in class service.

Our client collaboration goes well beyond basic classification and entry filling. We partner with customers to assess their compliance profile and make recommendations that improve accuracy and efficiency. We stay on the cutting edge of ever changing regulatory concerns, partnering with customers to keep them updated and informed.

We invite you to leverage our extensive Customs & Trade Compliance knowledge base and experience, to achieve greater control and reduced risk in the supply chain. How High Do You Want to Climb? Take your logistics to the next level with PLPL.


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