Freight & Logistics Compliance with Customs regulations is an important component of the International Supply Chain and the responsibility of all Importers. Simple errors or omissions can be costly when it comes to the entry filing process. Product miss-classification, incorrect value declaration or even misunderstanding a regulatory stipulation can lead to costly delays, service failures, possible fines, and even to the seizure of goods. With a 99.8%, industry-leading compliance rate, we’re proud to demonstrate Customs Brokerage expertise. The PLPL’s successful customs brokerage and freight forwarding relationships are built on four key elements:

Service and Communication – Access to information and the ability to reach an expert as required
Compliance – Accurate and timely entry processing which help our customers to avoid delays, unnecessary expenses and potential fines/penalties
Training – We’re committed to on-going learning and development of both our employees and our customers
Technology – Streamlining processes to improve visibility, increase productivity and reduce cost

Our Customs Clearance services begin with:

• Consistent high compliance rating with Customs and Border Protection
• C-TPAT Certified
• Customs ACE participant
• Automated Broker Interface (ABI) participant
• Remote Location Filing (RLF) eligibility
• Automated Manifest System (AMS) participant
• Electronic Data Interface (EDI) transmissions and alerts
• Paperless entry and entry summary environment
• Classification services
• Commodity specialties
• Customs Bond and Cargo Insurance services
• Duty drawback and Reconciliation
• Importer Security Filing (ISF)
• Track & Trace
• Consulting services


The hallmark of an experienced customs broker is attention to detail. At PLPL we pay attention to all the details and utilize our experience, regulatory expertise and the latest technology to help you ensure that your supply chain remains compliant. Our brokerage team participates in Customs automated programs and we extend this technological expertise to you. With PLPL you always know the status of your shipments.

At PrimeX Logistic Private Limited (PLPL), we understand the importance of a highly compliant customs brokerage program. Explore your range of customs brokerage and global freight management service options.


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